A simple and useful bash script to manage your jekyll website.
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Jekyll Site Manager

A simple bash script to perform the following functions:


  1. Copy the file into a bin folder in your home directory, and add it to the path.
  2. Change permissions with this command: sudo chmod +x site
  3. Restart terminal session and type site to see the options.


Navigate to the Jekyll project directory and use the script in the following format: site <command>

The commands for use are:

  • build the site
  • push to git
  • demo locally
  • open source folder in editor of choice
  • files opens the site folder in a file manager
  • meta opens the script
  • publish uses surge to deploy the static site. You can replace this part as per your needs.


Feel free to edit and customise this script. I use a modified version of this script for my personal blogs and websites.

This version uses the following programs:

  • Sublime Text (editor of choice) due to its speed in opening large number of files quickly.
  • Surge.sh , my favourite static site hosting service.