:clipboard: A pastebin implementation using Redis. https://paste.keeplink.in
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Paste is a simple to use and easy to access code/text and sharing tool made for the community.

Basic Usage

Type what you want me to see, click “Save”, and then copy the URL. Send that URL to someone and they’ll see what you see.

To make a new entry, click “New” (or type ‘control + n’)


Pastes will stay for 30 days from their last view. They may be removed earlier and without notice.


While the contents of hastebin.com are not directly crawled by any search robot that obeys “robots.txt”, there should be no great expectation of privacy. Post things at your own risk. Not responsible for any loss of data or removed pastes.

Open Source

Paste can easily be installed behind your network, and it’s all open source!


Made by Abhishek Balam. Github Profile : abhishekbalam

Please check out my other tools:

  1. Keeplink.in : A simple to use, feature rick and quick URL shortener.
  2. Mail.Keeplink.in: A simple no-fuss tool to email yourself links which you found interesting on the web.


This project is a fork of Hastebin.com. Repo here.

Thanks to: